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Purpose-Driven Women Committed to Growth & Success

The LadyStrength Mastermind is an exclusive and intimate gathering of purpose-driven and passionate women who, like you, are growing businesses, leading families, and designing lives on our own terms. 

We are women who actively seek adventure, authentic connection and pushing ourselves outside our comfort zones.

We are women who make dreams reality—creating transforming impact for ourselves, our clients and in the world. 

We are women committed to our own success and one another’s. We share experience, expertise, insight and ideas.

Join the LadyStrength Mastermind!

Do you want to raise the bar in your life? Are you ready to push beyond your comfort zone and live out your passion and purpose that makes a transforming difference in your business, to your clients and in the world? 

Doors are open! 

Accepting applications through Dec 30, 2021 

“The LadyStrength Mastermind has been such a place of connection and community for me in 2o2o. In a year where we’ve “stayed apart,” I feel like I really had a spot to come together and connect with other likeminded women managing businesses and households. I have grown not only in my business, but also in my personal journey as well. I am so grateful for the connections and friends that this mastermind has fostered. I look forward to seeing where it takes me next!” – Michelle Brooks, My Designs in the Chaos

I am extraordinarily fortunate to be navigating the ocean of personal and professional fears, challenges AND opportunities that this COVID—time is delivering in the company of a vibrant community of women—members of the LadyStrength Mastermind group.

And while I don’t have all the answers to solve your business and life challenges, what I do have is my genius zone! We’ve each got one. Mine lies in bringing together diverse and inspired women like you and creating a safe, open, and, I’m just going to say it, FUN, spaces where you can test ideas, share challenges and grow, learn and thrive!

Here you’ll find a  community of women who share expertise, knowledge and experience along with equal and healthy doses of honesty, accountability and encouragement.  It’s this strength of our collective experience—what I like to call our LadyStrength—that continuously moves the needle forward and accelerates the realization of our life and  business goals. The result is that you feel stronger, more purposeful and more confident in everything that you do. 

Imagine yourself a year from now. You are looking back at your consistent progress towards your goals. You are filled with a feeling accomplishment and excitement at what you’ve created as a businesswoman, in your relationships and, most importantly, in being your best self just for you.  

Does this sound like a fit for you? If so, then I’m super excited to invite you to learn more! Read on! 

Every single one of us is being called on to bring our full creativity, engagement, courage, and talents to life.

Amy McLaren, Passion to Purpose 


Ladystrength Mastermind 2022

February 1 to December 1, 2022

TOTAL COST for the 2022 Mastermind is $8,000 USD (paid in full) OR 10 payments of $800 a month, starting February 15. Early Bird Bonus: Save $500 if committed by Dec 31, 2021

LadYstrength Mastermind bonuses

My first book is available now!

My new (and first!) book is a cross between The Promise of a Pencil and She Means Business. Ultimately, I talk about how finding your purpose can change the world and change your life.

Ticket to #LadyTribe in Toronto, summer 2021

This sought-after and exclusive one-day event sells out fast! Held during Tribe Live, it. provides intimate and interactive conversations with expert women business leaders.

Ticket to the Prediction Call, Winter 2021

This exclusive, online, live event, raising funds for Village Impact, features business marketing thought leaders sharing what worked for them this year and what trends you need to know about as you strategize for your business in 2022!

Is Your heart pumping just a little bit faster?

How does it feel to know that you are not alone? Is it becoming clearer that the little voice you hear telling you that you are meant for so much more is your soul’s call to action?  If you answered, “So much yes, Amy!” I invite you to fill in an application! 


This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

I’ve been in Amy’s Ladystrength Mastermind for two years now, and it has helped me tremendously as a woman entrepreneur. I’ve also gotten so much from this group; I can’t imagine not having it in my life now. My business has tripled in size in this Mastermind by providing me connections, huge support and business knowledge.

Before joining her Mastermind, I felt so alone, especially when friends and family members didn’t understand the difficult struggles that I was going through owning my own business. Women entrepreneurs have unique problems both owning a business and taking care of a family. I often felt directionless, trying different things in my business without any knowledgeable input. Being in Amy’s Mastermind changed all that.

A huge bonus in Amy’s Mastermind is that she brings in the best of the best minds in the online business space who come to speak to our mastermind group. These speakers are multi 7 and 8 – figure business owners, leaders in their fields, whose names are easily recognizable. We have gotten to interact directly with them when they come to share their knowledge and personally answer our questions. It is an experience I know I won’t get anywhere else.

I am truly blessed to be a part of Amy Mclaren’s LadyStrength Mastermind!

Lisa K., The Intuition Expert

If this sounds like a good fit, I want to meet you!

Early enrollment for the 2022 LadyStrength Mastermind is open until Dec 30, 2021. Spaces are filled on a rolling basis as submissions are received, so don’t delay in getting your application in today!